DJ, producer, remixer, and composer: Josh Wink is a man of many talents. A Philadelphia native, Wink was a pioneering DJ at the birth of the American rave scene. Three decades into his career, he continues to be an influencer and creative powerhouse both as an artist and label head with Ovum Recordings. Taking trends, making trends and breaking trends, Josh Wink’s music under any of his many monikers has always experimented and influenced. The sound of Josh Wink today remains one of a man unafraid to walk the border between stylistic boundaries. It all started in the early 90s when he released his first record on the New York label Strictly Rhythm in collaboration with King Britt. Together with King Britt, he founded his own label, Ovum Recordings, in 1994, which is now a worldwide reference and features heroes like DJ Pierre, Lil Louis, KiNK and Shlomi Aber in its discography. In the same year, Josh Wink released on XL Recordings and Nervous Records, and the following year he gave globalisation the final push: with ``Don't Laugh`` on Sorted Records, he sold half a million records. Many more iconic records followed, and Josh Wink and his Ovum are still going strong as ever twenty years later.

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