Haftbefehl has made history. His language broke boundaries, his songs gave street rap a new voice. Indeed, Haftbefehl's tracks have never been about reenacting the supposedly glorious stories from Hollywood's over-scripted gangster movies. Rather, Aykut Anhan has fought his way through the streets of Offenbach and Frankfurt. The so claimed “Babo” has infused new life into the genre of German gangsta rap: Haftbefehl raps about guns, drugs and violence with his own unique style. His first album ``Azzlack Stereotyp`` was released at the end of October 2010 and immediately made it into the top 100 of the German album charts. His second album ``Kanackis`` followed 1.5 years later and made it to number ten in the charts. After the closing of the label ``Echte Musik``, Haftbefehl launched his own label called ``Azzlackz``. Other Frankfurt artists such as Celo & Abdi, Capo, Dú Maroc, Hanybal, Capo and Milonair are signed to this label. The single ``Chabos wissen, wer der Babo ist`` made it top 30 in the German charts and is considered Haftbefehl's breakthrough track. Haftbefehl is one thing above all else at heart: an artist. Not that he stands in his attic with his paint palette in front of the canvas. But what has always driven Haftbefehl is the creative challenge. He wants to challenge himself. And he wants to challenge culture.

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